Collecting Customers' Information

Smart Point of Sale Systems provide POS Solutions to the clients in all areas of the USA. We have representatives in each state and supply only high quality solutions.
To order a POS System our clients send their details through the web-site form or contact us by phone. All information that we get from customers is never disclosed to other companies and used only for contacting our clients.

The Purpose of Getting Customers' Information

We collect your personal information to identify your order, know the address and contact person to whom we must supply the system. All details are not sold, exchanged or used for any benefit of third parties.

What about Cookies?

We also use cookies to track the information about our site traffic from your network and also to improve the usability of the web-site. We also use Cookies to remember some certain important information about your visiting of our web-site.

How We Get Customers' Information

From the fill-out form on the web-site we receive information about the name, Phone number, contact e-mail address type of a POS System that we must supply and other small details regarding the order for POS. All the fields of this form are composed in order to get more detailed information regarding each customer and his order.

We also have a call center which collects all necessary information of clients and forwards it to our contractors in each area that we operate and service. While processing calls we answer all questions of our customers and help to gte the necessary POS Services in their areas.

Privacy Policy

We are obliged not to share personal information of our customers with third parties. All details provided by you, will be used only for the purposes of our company. The private information provided by you will be kept confidentially and used only for getting in touch with every client regarding the order that we got from him.

Current Privacy Policy shall be applied only for information which was received though our web-site and to any other details.

Using our web-site you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy.